Open Source Business to Client Business Communication

Ongoing success is built on dialogue with business and their customers. A key tool to engage is a limesurvey branded as a business feedback forum, customer services request system or other strategic engineered processes. Through the surveying interface, we are able to solicit social input and inform the business of their customer requirement priorities. Often this is a vital point of contact between business and the customer, so it is important that we make this interaction as smooth and accurate as possible.

A coherent and concise interface help customers feel comfortable about sharing positives and negatives about their experience. It also allows us to gather evidence to support key demands or requirements and engage your businesses in response to the identified issues.

While commercial web based survey services are a common tool, many businesses are unaware that open source are tools available to help with the process. We use Limesurvey, a free open-source online survey tool. With the customization of the limesurvey interface, we allow business to collect, and analyze customer feedback and service requests that will best meet the needs of business and their customers.

Our service offers easy functionality and robust customization. The software is easy to use. Any modern browser can access the service request system and responses can be circulated, promoted via email, or other common communication methods.

Sometimes online surveys suffer when respondents do not complete a survey they started. Incomplete surveys are frustrating for surveyors and respondents alike, and decrease the effectiveness of their efforts.

In our case unchosen options or unanswered questions are an indication that the option or feature does not apply at this time and the customer is allowed to come back and participate as often or when needed.

Some of the more interesting features are the ability to customize, including skip logic and branching logic. These features allow us to set conditions on selections or questions depending on earlier choices, and make it easier for customers to bypass situations or states that are not meaningful to them.

Based on many years of experience with the software, we have developed some best practices to ensure high response rates. We also have a sets of pre-formatted service solutions, questions for multiple sectors which can be used as a starting point for custom feedback and response services.